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Ballast Water

Our company has been involved with ballast water for 16 years.  Very simply – we’re experienced and deeply involved with the many facets of this complex global topic.  We’ve worked with treatment system manufacturers, shipowners/operators, crew members, regulatory agencies, scientists, analytical laboratories and a wide range of maritime service providers.  This allows us to evaluate the differing perspectives and perform work with a holistic view.

We can provide the singular answers or the complete programs you need for compliance with the:

  1. IMO Ballast Water Convention
  2. USCG Ballast Water Regulations
  3. US EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP), including individual state requirements

We offer VGP ballast water sampling and analytical partner services in major US ports. Click here to View EPA Vessel General Permit Sampling Services (PDF).

Ballast water issues and sampling on-board ships is not new for EMI. Let our experience work for you.

Moku craneFor Shipowners & Operators

  • Development & Implementation of Ballast Water Regulatory Compliance Programs
  • Training and Education Programs
  • Vessel Regulatory Compliance Evaluations
  • Assistance with Completing Ballast Water Reports and Forms
  • Ballast Water Management Plan Development
  • EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) Ballast Water Sampling
  • Field Technician Services
  • Ballast Water Consulting Services

For Equipment Manufacturers

On board water balleast service

  • Ballast Water Management System Approvals
    • IMO Guideline 8 and Guideline 9
    • US Type Approval
    • US Alternate Management System (AMS) Acceptance
    • Flag & Class Society Approvals
  • Training and Education Programs
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Document & Dossier Preparation
  • Ballast Water Consulting Services

For Regulatory Agencies

  • Training and Education Programs
  • Development of Processes for Implementation of Flag / Port State Control Vessel Compliance Programs / Inspections
  • Ballast Water Consulting Services