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Mission Statement

EMI’s mission is to facilitate effective working relationships between industry, science & technology and the regulatory sectors to support practical and cost effective implementation of environmental projects.

Regulation is necessary and an inevitable reality. Science and technology should proactively bolster development of sound regulation that industry can implement in a reasonable and practical manner. Each stakeholder comes into an environmental project with a different perspective and goal. EMI works directly in the area where these sectors overlap, with the goal of facilitating open communication, understanding, and practical solutions that achieve satisfactory results for all project stakeholders.

Company Philosophy

EMI’s goal is to enable our customers to accomplish their projects in the most efficient and cost effective manner. EMI’s management is committed to protecting the client’s interests and the highest standards of safety, ethics, and integrity for every project.

21475387_wtmn_qutpGaining our clients’ trust is highly important to EMI. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients and have them return to us for assistance – time and time again. We accomplish this by working with integrity, honesty, confidentiality, completing work on time, and putting the clients’ needs first. All clients and all projects, regardless of size or contract value, are equally important to us and receive the same high level of service.

Company History

EMI was established and incorporated in March 2002 by Jeff Merksamer and Marcie (Shove) Merksamer to provide environmental services to clients domestically and internationally. Both Jeff and Marcie are directly involved in the daily activities of the corporation and the execution of each project awarded to EMI.

Jeff Merksamer

Jeff Merksamer

Marcie Merksamer

Marcie Merksamer

Contractor's License

General A with Hazardous Endorsement #813262

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ISO 9001 Certification