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EnviroManagement’s core expertise and environmental consulting services are related to Project Management and Ballast Water services.

We provide services to individuals, industry and regulatory agencies for small residential projects to large international commercial projects. EMI offers practical guidance and assistance for all levels of project complexity. By acting as a liaison between industry, science & technology, and regulatory agencies we guide our clients to successful project completion…on time, within budget and safely.

project management services
ballast water services

Environmental Project Experience

Aquatic Invasive Species & Ballast Water Consulting

  • General consulting services including:
    • Management of Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) approvals under the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Guidelines 8 and 9;
    • Preparation of dossiers/applications for submittal to the IMO, United States Coast Guard (USCG), United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), various state agencies, and Ship Classification Societies;
    • Assistance with environmental and human health risk assessments for active substances used to treat ballast water, including ecotoxicology testing plans; and
    • US EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) implementation.
  • Currently providing onboard technical support services for ballast water treatment systems, including shipboard biological efficacy testing logistics / coordination.
  • Principal environmental consultant responsible for a client’s regulatory compliance with international, Federal and state regulations and approvals. In brief, these include the IMO, German Federal Maritime Agency (BSH), USCG, — USEPA (NPDES and FIFRA), Hawaii, California, and Washington State.

Oilfield Restoration


Drill rig

  • Currently providing Project Management and Health & Safety oversight services for:
    • Oilfield decommissioning and restoration projects on the Central Coast of
    • The decommissioning and restoration of a former oil refinery in California; and
    • An abandoned oil transfer facility.
  • Provided Project Management and Health & Safety oversight for the abandonment and restoration of a former gas plant in California.
  • Provided Project Management services for preparation of site restoration plans for the abandonment of a natural gas production facility in Santa Maria, CA.
  • Southern California Oilfield Restoration Project: Provided Project Management services for preparation of site restoration plans for the abandonment of a former oilfield.

Construction Storm Water Regulation Compliance

Years of experience preparing storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP) for construction project compliance with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System, Federal Clean Water Act, and California State Water Resources Control Board.


Pipeline Removal

Pipeline Removal

  • Vandenberg Air Force Base Remediation Project:  Provided Project Management and remediation services to restore former military tank washing facility.
  • County of San Luis Obispo: Provided waste management for a soil remediation project.
  • Multiple projects involving underground storage tank (UST) removals and site remediation.
  • Various projects requiring operation and maintenance of groundwater and vapor extraction treatment systems.

Health and Safety Programs

  • Currently assisting clients in developing and administering health & safety programs for oilfield restoration and general construction projects.
  • Provide clients with environmental permitting guidance for various environmental and construction projects.

Field Technician Services

  • Provide air, soil, and water sample collection, including sample management, in-field testing and screening, and reporting services.
  • Provide air monitoring services for environmental compliance with local Air Pollution Control Districts permit requirements
  • Provide SWPPP inspections, field reporting and documentation, and reporting to the CA State Water Board SMARTs web-based reporting system.