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USCG Issues Ballast Water Management Extension Policy Revision 2

The USCG has issued Revision 2 of the Extension of Implementation for Approved Ballast Water Management Methods, commonly referred to as the “USCG Extension Policy”.  Revision 2 of the USCG Extension Policy retains the general information and procedures to apply for an extension that were contained in Revision 1.  The important aspects of Revision 2 are the clarifications of vessel compliance dates, drydocking schedules and the revised terms of extended compliance dates to the “next schedule drydocking”, which were outlined in the Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB) that was released on 22 October 2015.

Regarding Supplemental Extensions, Revision 2 indicates that the supplemental extended compliance date will be a vessel’s next schedule drydocking after the current extended compliance date.  Should the vessel’s next schedule drydocking be less than 2 years away, the USCG may grant an extension to the second scheduled drydocking. Click to read the official USCG Extension Policy.

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